Individual coaching sessions are available in person, via Skype or Phone.

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First Time One Hour sessions are $40
Regular One Hour sessions are $65
Hour and a Half sessions are $90
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Sam Runner
Phone: 406.531.4929
Skype: SamRunner1
I specialize in helping people to relieve stress and let go of their outdated beliefs that limit their happiness and success. I will guide you through a tapping process that addresses blocks in our body’s energy system. EFT helps you eliminate the negative thoughts and feelings that limit you from achieving your true potential. At times, we get bogged down by life and our past experiences, making us feel stagnant. A lot of times we just don’t know what to do or how to handle it. If this is you, then I can help! I will gently guide you through a process of removing these blocks one by one so that you can start to live your life on your terms and release the old dated patterns and beliefs that have kept you back and begin to live life on your terms!

First One Hour Session is only $40!

Regular prices:
60 minutes - $65
90 minutes - $90